Homes and Buildings in Southwest Florida Climates

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Buildings should always be suited to their environment. It is foolish to expect to construct the type of building  in Toronto as you do in Miami.  Architects and builders design and construct buildings to varying regions, wind loads and snow loads etc. They consider orientation, soil conditions, and other varying factors, yet typically ignored the variance in temperature, humidity, rain, exterior climate and the variances in the interior climate.

Southwest Florida is considered a hot-humid climate, which is defined as a region that would receive more than 20 inches of annual precipitation and where a 67°F or higher, wet bulb temperature for 3000 or more hours during the warmest six consecutive months of the year or a 73°F or higher wet bulb temperature for 1500 or more hours during the warmest six consecutive months of the year.

Postwar changes in the way they design and construct buildings have led to the introduction of thermal insulation, tighter building enclosures and the advent of forced heating and cooling systems. Homes built today are much “tighter” than the homes of yesterday. The introduction of advanced building products has led to homes not being able to breathe or dry out. This has led to the introduction of indoor pollutants and indoor air quality issues. The introduction of lower air changes has led to interior moisture levels rising, causing condensation problems on cold surfaces such as windows and mold on walls.

In today’s environment the construction process should minimize the need for energy and other precious natural resources. Prioritizing is essential. Homes and buildings should be safe, healthy, comfortable and affordable. Homes and buildings should be durable and capable of being maintained easily and without great effort. Homes and buildings should be constructed in a manner that reduces construction waste and operated in a manner that reduces occupancy waste.

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Whether you’re selling a new construction or a resale property, reminding your client to take careful consideration regarding site planning, building form, facing for summer and winter sun angles, landscape shading and or room layout will be a major factor in influencing future cost and performance. By bringing attention to this important detail, along with others that will be mentioned in some of our  future articles, will make any professional real estate agent look and sound like a seasoned professional.

We will continue to bring this type of valuable information available to you. Our Home Hints n Tips articles will be timely and educational to Realtors and all home and building owners in Southwest Florida. We urge you to share these articles with your clients to help them better understand the art of building science and good maintenance practices.

Fred Sylvester, of Accredited Building Consultants, is a State of Florida Certified Home Inspector and Commercial Building Inspector with over 35 years of construction experience. Fred specializes in Southwest Florida, including Home Inspections and Commercial Building Inspections in Fort Myers, Cape Coral, and Naples FL.
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