Florida Building Code Changes March 15, 2012

The new Florida Building Code will go into effect March 15, 2012. The code is always in written and named in the rears as this one is called the 2010 Florida Building Code effective in 2012. There are hundreds of changes to both the 2010 Residential Code and the 2010 Building Code . The Residential code is for one and two family dwellings and the Building code is for all other buildings for all intense and purposes.
There are a couple of big changes.

One has to do with the Wind Speed Map. For instance in Lee County, Florida the bulk of the county will go from a 120 MPH to 160 MPH. You say that’s a lot, well it is internal pressure that changes how we design buildings.

Lee County Florida Wind Speed Map

Engineers and architects have to calculate those internal pressures and the way they calculate them has changed with the new code. Those changes in the formulas for all intense in purposes bring the design pressures to where the pressures to the old code were, or where we were before the wind speed map change. So therefore there is really almost no change. It does effect however, how each county will have to deal with the Wind Borne Debris requirements. This will effect the installation of hurricane impact windows, shutters, panels and other wind borne debris protection devices.

Two is the implementation of stricter energy efficiency guidelines, Some of the changes have to do with how we have to add thermal barriers with spray foam insulation. The other impact air conditioning and how we design them. New homes will have to have Programmable thermostats, have the duct system tested with a blower door test and have at least 50% high efficiency lamps. HVAC change outs will have to have duct and vent

2010 Wind Borne Debris Map

testing and the sealing of existing ductwork with a signed affidavit from the installing contractor of that ductwork sealing. There is also changes in the swimming pool pump motor requirements for more high efficiency pump motors. All of these are to the betterment to consumers to help reduce energy consumption and will pay back divides to consumers in the long run.

Realizing that Florida State Building Codes change every two years always be aware that these are the minimum requirements and that you should always consult with your design professionals and building consultants like Accredited Building Consultants Inc. to discuss what is the best fit for your building needs.

For more information on code changes please visit—– Florida_Building_Code  Changes

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