In today’s economic state many people are spending more time enjoying the comforts of their homes. Taking a vacation is a luxury that many simply have marked off the list of expenses they can no longer afford.

South West Florida with the comfort of beautiful weather year round has prompted many homeowners to extend the use of some inside features to their outdoor living space of their home.  If you would like to add some beauty and warmth to your outdoor area here are some ideas you might consider.

Outdoor Beds – In today’s decorating trends you will see not only your traditional outdoor patio furniture commonly thought of, but now you will see actual beds with outdoor mattresses and beautiful cabana or trellis style structures placed over the bed.  These have been displayed for years in high-end hotels but are now thought of as more common place in the family backyard.  The constant Florida sea breezes aid in a romantic tone for draping fabric within the structure.  These can be store-bought or you can find easy to use patterns on the internet to save money on your next DIY project.

Fire elements – Outside living areas commonly have some form of a fire element.  Often seen as fire pits, fireplaces or as simple as a clay or metal chimenea.  Depending on the effect you would like your fire feature to have they may be wood burning, gas or gel. You may want to actually hear the crackling of the wood burning or simply have the beauty of the flame. They can be portable or built-in and be of many materials such as wood, brick, copper or glass tiles or pieces that reflect the flames.

Outdoor showers – Living in the sunshine state of Florida it is common to see an outdoor shower for rinsing off sand after time spent on the beach.  But in today’s home the use of an outdoor shower is used for much more. Anything from penthouse rooftops to suburban backyards the use of bamboo, natural stone and plants are used as a privacy wall to allow a beautiful view and feel of showering in nature.

Having lived in Ft. Myers for thirty-nine years I know the significance of having a pleasing backyard experience.   So gather your friends for some great conversation around the fire, enjoy a nap under the canopy of your poolside bed or take your evening shower while viewing yet another beautiful Florida sunset as I do everyday.  Whatever your fancy bringing a bit of the indoors to your backyard is sure to please.


Fred Sylvester, of Accredited Building Consultants, is a State of Florida Certified Home Inspector and Commercial Building Inspector with over 35 years of construction experience. Fred specializes in Southwest Florida, including Home Inspections and Commercial Building Inspections in Fort Myers, Cape Coral, and Naples FL.
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